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مدار آمپلی فایر 200 وات !!!

Output Power : 200Watts
Load Resistance : 8ohms
Input impedance : 55K
Maximum supply voltage : (+95v)-0-(-95v)
Recommended supply voltage : (+66v)-0-(-66v)

This complete high quality, low noise mono audio power amplifier is based around the Hybrid Integrated Circuit STK4050 manufactured by Sanyo. The circuit incorporates volume and has a maximum music output power of 200W.The circuit incorporates an on board power supply; therefore, only centre tapped transformer is required to power the circuit. I t has very good quality sound. U can use it with your Home Theatre your PC & etc... You can also use it as Subwoofer Amplifier. It is a compact package for THIN-TYPE Audio sets. Easy Heatsink design to disperse heat generated in THIN-TYPE audio sets. Constant-Current circuit to Reduce supply switch-ON and switch-OFF shock noise. External supply switch-On and switch-OFF shock noise muting, Load short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown and other circuits can be tailored-designed.
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