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دانلود Download CCMiner
بعد از نرم افزار کلیمور قوی ترین نرم افزار استخراج CCMiner هست ( این برنامه فقط کارت های گرافیکی Nvidia رو استفاده میکند )
نسخه x64 نسخه 32 بیتی هست و نسخه x86 نسخه 64 بیتی هست . همچین سورس کد برنامه هم پیوست شده است.
Download CCMiner 2.2.4 64 Bit & 32 Bit Jan. 04th 2018
  • Improve lyra2v2
  • Higher keccak default intensity, and SM3.x improvements
  • Drop SM 2.x support by default, for CUDA 9 and more recent
And other changes to simplify the builds on recent linux distributions...Reminder: CUDA 9.1 required drivers are still in a early stage and unstable in my opinion.
Performances were much lower with it, with a weird behavior locking sometimes more than 60% of the gpu, so try to avoid it for now... especially on linux (nvidia-smi may locks too, with the 387.xx driver bundled in CUDA 9.1 setup, the newer linux 390.12 in beta seems ok)
وب سایت تحلیل ارز و دلار

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